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December 2016


By Julie Taylor December 8, 2016 No comments
There are so many things to be thankful and excited for during the holidays but if you're anything like us there is a lot of planning, traveling, purchasing, and stress that goes along with it! Taking RestFull during these moments of child tantrums during traveling, visiting the in-laws, going to the mall, or even to cure those sleepless nights trying to think of the perfect gift to get your loved ones is a safe, quick, and easy fix! 1-2 during the day will curb that anxiety within about 20 minutes and/or take 1-2 before bedtime to recover from the days activities and get you ready for the next!! Visit your local GNC franchise location and pick up a bottle for your self or even a loved one that could use the gift of peace ;)


By Julie Taylor December 6, 2016 No comments
So many men are on test boosters while not enough are using a PCT (post cycle therapy). Test boosters help increase libido, strength, stamina and energy, muscle gains, and fat loss. PCT's help to keep those gains and energy levels up after the 8-12 week test cycles. If a PCT is not used then the body's natural test levels can drop to unnaturally low levels and all gains can be lost. Using RestoreFull as a PCT will help keep the muscle gains, fat loss, energy, stamina, and libido up, while keeping the body from having post cycle depression! The ingredients in the RestoreFull are clinically studied and are a great, if not necessary, addition to any test boosting products! As an added bonus RestoreFull has been clinically shown to lower cortisol levels by almost 30% which will lead to greater results on any program.