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July 2018


By Julie Taylor July 24, 2018 No comments
Tired of not getting the results as quickly as you would like? Try lowering your stress and maximizing your energy! Not only will you feel a better sense of well being but you will be more motivated to continue on your journey for whatever your goals are!! RestoreFull has ingredients that have shown to reduce cortisol (our stress hormone) by 28%! Lowering cortisol can help to lower belly fat, increase natural energy, reduce fatigue, and help in lowering oxidation which causes faster aging. A few other of the clinical studies of the ingredients in RestoreFull are increasing Libido (in men AND women), stamina and endurance, increasing cellular energy (natural vitality), and helping to cleanse the adrenals (which lowers fatigue). Adding WeightLess during the day can help burn more calories while boosting Dopamine which is our "feel good" hormone. WeightLess contains Synetrim CQ which is a clinically studied ingredient that has been shown to take pounds off the scale, has a smooth 6 hour energy with ZERO crash or jitters, and aids in appetite control by helping to curb those boredom and stress munchies! These 2 products can help you to maximize your desired results by enhancing your mood/energy and lowering our daily life stresses (cortisol)!


By Julie Taylor July 23, 2018 No comments
When I am out doing demos or sales I have many people ask me if I take my own supplements. The short answer is YES! I have been able to reduce my budget on products because these cover just about everything for lifestyle needs. I do take an extra probiotic and a multivitamin (usually a greens vitamin mixed with my YouthFull). Most of us are on a quest to hold on to our "Youth" energy, metabolism, fast recovery...and some of us to FIND it! I am a nearly 40yr old woman with a 3 yr old who has Type 1 diabetes and has been over weight a good portion of my life. I take YouthFull AgeWell to help with skin tightening, toning, and daily recovery. RestoreFull helps to lower my cortisol from by busy schedule as well as keep up my natural vitality, libido, and endurance. BioFull helps to keep my hair and nails strong and healthy with less breaking and splitting. RestFull helps calm me on days where I feel overloaded and when I travel I get my needed sleep without a hangover. RestoreWell helps me to keep my bloodsugar in line, keeps my puffiness/water weight down, and helps my digestion. YouthFull Joints helps to keep my inflammation and soreness down from my workouts as well as being able to run with less knee and ankle pain. WeightLess gives me a smooth, feel good energy with ZERO crash! I have never been able to do much caffeine but with this supplement I feel amazing and can actually say that I have lost a noticeable amount of weight! If I can't be my own walking advertisement for these supplements then I shouldn't be doing this! These products can fit into any lifestyle or regimen...whether you take them all or just 1!!


By Julie Taylor July 12, 2018 No comments
Joint Pain?? Most of us suffer from some sort of joint pain whether it is from a sports related injury, any kind of arthritic conditions, car accidents, inflammatory issues, or just plain aging. YouthFull Joints is an amazing product that addresses all of those concerns. YouthFull Joints combines a full gram of Turmeric combined with the added benefits of Boswellia for inflammation, Hyaluronic Acid for joint lubrication/hydration, Chicken Collagen II for tendon/ligament/tissue repair, and the full clinical dose of BioPerine (10mg) for faster absorption. Most people have heard of or are currently taking Glucosamine & Chondroitin for their joints. YouthFull Joints uses Chicken Collagen II which has the chemical components of Glucosamine & Chondroitin. This added to the anti inflammatory herbs and joint lubricant, YouthFull Joints addresses most joint related issues in just 2 easy pills per day!