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Julie's Statement

Being a creator of this supplement I decided to do a little experiment on myself. I cut out ALL caffeine and other supplements including coffee. I didnt change my workout or eating schedule. The only thing I changed was I upped my green tea consumption to about 4 cups a day. The purpose of me doing this was to be my own walking advertisement! Also I wanted to show that these supplements are fantastic for toning as well as weightloss! I took 1 RestFull every night followed by 1scoop of YouthFull w/8oz of water...and here is my 15 day transformation!

Ben's Statement

Aside from quality sleep and increased recovery, Youthfull also helped me shed some of that stubborn stomach fat!


So my hair has finally stopped falling out by the handful!!!

"I had new hair coming in after using it a month so I can just imagine what my hair will be like once it all grows out the same length. My nails are hard and grow very quick. My skin looks amazing as well. I love it and won't ever stop using it:-)"

I LOVE the product

My name is Sandie I am 45 years old. I am one of those girls who have tried all different kinds of healthy living supplements,vitamins and drinks. I have just recently learned I am in my pre-menopause stage. My doctors recently recommended I do a sleep study believing that I am not sleeping sound therefore my metabolism is not recharging at night.Giving me a few health concerns and weight problems.I have a very low metabolism and thyroid issues. When I heard about YouthFull and all of its benefits I decided to give it a try. I have seen and have felt more than one RESULT! I am sleeping better. I feel good when I wake up. My hair and nails are strong and are growing! I also love the taste and that you drink Youth Full before bed.

I just love the Youthfull!

I drink it after my workouts to help with my joints, I also sometimes drink it as night with my multi-vitamins. I have noticed my hair growing fuller and faster and my joints feel stronger after my runs. Thank you so much for offering this great product! I love it!
Heidi S., MN

I saw your booth at the Twin Cities Women’s Expo

This past weekend I purchased some of your product. I can tell you that I’m already sleeping deeper than I was before. I’m excited to experience the rest of the benefits!
Kelly V.

The NEW Restorefull has reignited my desires for sex and helped alot with my staima as well.  Its increasing my endurance for my runs and i have a certain natural energy that i would rely on over stimulated preworkouts

that always resulted in a crash & insomnia.   Thank you for such a game changing product.



Restfull has a huge difference in reducing the stress in my daily routine....with a 1 year old & wife who works, it becomes TOO MUCH at times...Restfull helps to curb that anxiety

and helps me to sleep soundly when it's time to shut it down.